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78 Sakura - SOLD OUT
78 Sakura - SOLD OUT
78 Sakura - SOLD OUT
78 Sakura - SOLD OUT
78 Sakura - SOLD OUT
78 Sakura - SOLD OUT
78 Sakura - SOLD OUT
78 Sakura - SOLD OUT
78 Sakura - SOLD OUT
78 Sakura - SOLD OUT
78 Sakura - SOLD OUT

78 Sakura - SOLD OUT


The Sakura Glove 

78 appreciate the Japanese philosophy of Sakura /səˈkʊərə/, to embrace those brief but unforgettable moments on the open road. 78 believe you should always look at your best while riding though life. After the lighting fast sale of the 1st collection Sakura we are delighted to announce the 2nd collection of the Sakura glove making it better than ever.

Motorcycle gloves lack the quality and beauty of haute couture. To make a glove fit well; you must sacrifice protection yet to create protection you must sacrifice design. Design and functionality tend to sit on opposite axis. At 78 we wanted to pull these elements together to create another beautiful glove but take design a step further.

The Sakura story begins with the finest, thickest (1.2mm) natural full aniline  Scandinavian calf hides, chosen for their natural and unique top grain. Each receiving a 2-stage drum dye process for deep, striking colour whilst maintaining softness. Each pair passes through a 6-hour production process from die press, machine stitch to hand finish by skilled craftsmen. The Sakura’s ribbed upper creates a tough, resistance free surface while the NEW double layer palm features intricately padded lines reminiscent of the human hand.  Carefully placed perforations help with airflow on the move.

The palm is now double layered and delicately padded providing comfort and feel without ‘bunching’ up whilst gripping the handlebars. The all metal polished YKK zipper and handle ensures smooth operation whatever the weather. The Sakura is lined in polyester twill for a luxury feel. Sakura also adopts 78’s 3 in 1 ‘buddy tabs’ that allow the gloves to be kept together when not in use using our silicone close knit velcro that provide additional abrasion protection on the wrist. 

The second edition Sakura has the highest graded leather available offering comfort, luxury feel and abrasion protection. Give them time to settle in and you won't want to take them off!  Choose from Cherry Red, Royal Navy Blue and Midnight Black.


RED S 20-21 - BLUE 18

RED M 21-22 - BLUE 19

RED L 22-23 - BLUE 20

RED XL 23-24 - BLUE 20.5

RED XXL 24-25 - BLUE 21


*Please use this as a guide only. Our gloves comes a little snug before maturity so if unsure please email

To receive a FREE Almond oil & Beeswax treatment please add 'Treatment' to the special instruction on payment page. Please measure palm width in cm for best fit. If in doubt please email

Customer Reviews

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Sam Jackson
So impressed !!

Waited maybe a year for red to come back into stock but I gave up and during a sale over the new year I managed to get one of the last pairs in blue (Anthony says more are coming). I should've took the plunge sooner as the blue colour is stunning and the leather quality is like no other gloves i've ever had before. The real reason is the design, they look killer! 5 stars Sj :-)

Bad ass

Idk why but zippers are just cool. They're cool on motorcycle jackets and cool on motorcycle gloves. The look on these is exactly what I'd describe if someone asked me what a motorcycle glove should look like. It's not all appearances tho - these things feel tough and substantial and firmly planted on my hand when zipped up. My first pair of 78s and I've already come back for another.

Todd Hipsky
Very red, very nice!

Ordered a red pair for Detroit DGR ride on my Ducati GT1000. Great pop of color and very nice fit! These have replaced my Alpinestars for daily use now too. Only negative comment is that the double layer of leather that extends from the palm to the area under the first knuckle made for a bit of bunching up at first. After a few more trips this feeling was reduced. I've gotten a number of positive comments on them. Pleased with my purchase.

Rok Gorisek
Great product, awesome people behind it

Needed advice on the fit and some convincing, as one does, and Anthony was was quick to offer both ;)
Love the overall style cues and the (cherry red) colour just POPs!
Feels great on the hand, not too thick so you're still able to feel the bike and be in full control, while at the same time not too thin, to a point where these are obviously not just an (awesome) designer piece, but will also provide ample protection - which noone of us hopefully need... ever

Great, buy 'em :D

Michael Mooney longer!

I wish I could retract that one-star review I gave on August 1...maybe community manager can take it down. I just heard from Anthony and he is making all good on my gloves that had an issue thank you so much, Anthony J. Looking forward to sporting replacements!

Our pleasure and so sorry you didn't hear back for a few days our spam filter is all consuming! Best wishes 78MC :-)

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