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The antithesis of fast fashion we batch produce our gloves in small numbers to the highest standards working with some of the finest gloves cutters around the world from Europe, Asia and the USA. Anthony personally hand selects leather hides for each collection and designs every pair of 78 gloves with the Mantra that great design lasts forever. Anthony's innate enthusiasm for his customers has resulted in 78 gloves being worn by thousands of riders in over 150 countries with hundreds of 5 star reviews. 

Despite our love of oil and metal, we do love our planet and use recycled materials where we can. Our apparel fabrics are 100% organic and fair trade.  We ensure no child labour is involved in any of our products and we audit all suppliers. 

"As founder I guess I should say something here so I really want to thank you, thank you to each and everyone of you who makes 78 possible. You might be that one purchase from Guadeloupe or that customer who just keeps coming back time after time. We would not be here without you! Since my little webstore went live back in July 2015 I had no idea that so many people would love my gloves from all over the world. To this day I inspect every pair you buy to ensure each and every glove wearing our favourite number is stitch perfect to withstand the passage of time".

Anthony J