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Our journey so far...

During the 1980’s Anthony spent most days on his Raleigh Burner BMX and by 11 had lost his front tooth after a downhill experiment with a skateboard.  Developing a love for motorcycles as a child, he fixed up his 1st machine at the age of 12 with his twin sister, a 1970’s Suzuki RM bought by his Mother for just £70 that they both rode everyday over the fields at his native home in Northern Ireland. He daydreamed about the motorcycles he would own in later life.

Moving to Paris at the age of 19 he fell in love with Parisian café culture and started to appreciate life on two wheels riding a Suzuki GS500 through the cities busy avenues.  It was in Paris around 1998 when he got his first glimpse of the the early 'new wave' scene. Moving to Spain at 21 he adopted a 2CV without a roof (and a kitchen chair as a seat) and later travelled to Italy numerous times before returning home to buy his 1st Ducati Monster and Vespa after fully embracing the two wheel transport mode adopted in cities like Paris, Rome and Bologna.  

In the following years Anthony suffered a number of setbacks, accidents and illnesses but always stayed positive and in the summer of 2011 he decided to take on the trip of a lifetime for Leukaemia research riding a small 125cc motorcycle from Brighton, UK to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Anthony set his compass East and left everything he knew behind...  Soon after he found himself by the roadside somewhere in rural Ukraine nursing a sore head after his heavy helmet had rubbed the skin off his forehead. Frustrated, in pain and unable to find a replacement he struggled on for the next 3 weeks riding up to 12 hours a day reaching Ulaanbaatar, the most remote capital city on the planet.  His visor would no longer close, the liner was badly worn and his expensive, branded gloves had stretched making simple tasks a chore.

An eye for design and a strong will for perfection Anthony decided there and then he would return home to carefully design his own luxury helmet and gloves infused with his passion for motorcycles and new found experience out in the Gobi desert. He wanted his own touch on the brand and so used his birth year 1978 and joined these numbers together in fondness for those days riding around with his twin sister on that old Suzuki scrambler.

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