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Superluxe Fitment Guide

Helmet Size and correct fitting 

Helmet Size (CM)

Small 55-56

Medium 57-58

Large 59-60

Extra Large 61-62

To find your helmet size, take your tailor’s tape or specific head measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head placing the tape above your ears as below:

Put the corresponding size on; it must have a snug, firm (but not tight) fit and should definitely not feel loose E.g. the helmet should not move forward or backwards easily or from side to side moving against your head.


Roll the helmet off your head placing your hands on the sides and rolling off from the back. The helmet should not come off easily. If it does it is too big. Due to the extra padding of the Superluxe R/T initial fitment might feel extra tight but will settle down especially around the ears. This is due to the extra padding on the chin straps.