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About the Superluxe Helmet

The Superluxe R/T recalls the classic lines of the 1970’s jet helmet
with a small shell, close fit and authentic rubber trim options. Each one hand formed and finished in a range of very limited edition colours from British Marques of the same era. The Superluxe design is unique with an ultra light and small shell and features the 78 signature chrome and resin badge with leather detailing. Inside you’ll find a ‘78’ nappa lambskin crown and a beautifully stitched nappa leather and suede interior including the chinstraps.
The interior is lined with the finest nappa lambskin with moleskin suede for muted comfort. After 18 months of research and development we have created an ultra low weight, extra high density expanded polystyrene inner shell (EPS) with focus on shape and fit. The dual density foam ensures each helmet fits like a glove. With an overall weight from just 790 grams, the Superluxe R/T is one of the lightest ECE approved helmets on the market.
Construction and Safety
The Superluxe is formed from the very latest pre-impregnated mixed composite materials adopting a carbon fibre net structure offering the lowest possible weight with better extension and bending resistance. This provides the weight and strength of carbon fibre with the preferred crash behaviour of fibreglass. The inner shell has been designed to absorb energy efficiently whilst being low weight. Low weight however does not mean flimsy or flexible; every 78 helmet is ECE R2205 approved and all helmets only use hardened stainless steel double ‘D’ fastenings with reinforced straps and webbing for a secure fit. 78 say no to inferior moulded plastics or poor grade fibreglass.
Attention to Detail
Every SL helmets has many features from bespoke leather detailing, our unique chrome/resin badge and a host of features to improve comfort. 78 helmets are formed, finished and painted by hand in low volume with each colour being a true limited edition.