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Unlike many of the much larger motorcycle gear manufacturers, 78 is smaller-scale operation that focuses significant attention on design, materials, and quality – resulting in great products, albeit with lower profit margins. 

High-end fashion for your fingers. There's no denying riding apparel has come a long way in the last decade. From manufacturing processes through to materials and especially design, the whole industry has upped its game and England's 78 Motor Co. have just raised the bar again. Their 'Sakura' motorcycle gloves are quite possibly the best-looking gloves on the market. - The Return of the cafe Racers
This kind of design and quality usually comes with a bigger price tag! In our opinion, the Speed is one of the most beautiful pairs of gloves you can buy!
Vintage style motorcycle gloves straight out of a Steve McQueen movie! - Back Street Heroes
Délicieusement vintage en petites séries.
'Deliciously vintage in small series'.

"Stylish gloves worth getting your hands on! The Speed glove is the finest urban riding glove we’ve encountered. Elegant and fashionable but with a big dash of practicality, it oozes quality"

"Best motorbike gloves EVER!"
"Somehow Anthony has managed to create a lid that shames the corporate manufactures and holds its own against the high-end niche brands. We’ve seen samples at the Bike Shed shows for a couple of years, but it’s only now he’s happy with the design, secured the highest safety certifications and been able to produce the helmets in a sufficient quantity, that he’s willing to release the Superluxe R/T to his eagerly waiting punters. But I have to say, it’s been worth the wait!"
"Vintage gloves with space age protection! Satin lined and soft leather for comfort while the double layer palm and knuckle inserts deliver the protection you'll want should you have an accident"
"78 Motor Co is a small operation with a reputation for quality. The Speed Gloves may look vintage, but the safety is closer to modern-day standards!"
"Love these gloves! I've had the chance to review many gloves in my time and seldom do I find a pair that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to wear. Very impressed by what 78 have created. The Speed Glove has become my go to glove for daily rides"
"We’ve been watching the exciting new brand that is 78 develop over the past couple of years, and the resulting products, designed and made without compromise are nothing short of triumphant! Might actually be the best motorcycle gloves we have ever seen ... 5 Stars!
"We at the Shed have had the privilege to witness Anthony develop these products, and his attention to detail and unyielding desire for perfection has been inspiring"
"The Speed Gloves are one of our current loves. Not only do they look super cool, they will keep your paws super comfortable and protected. The Old Cliché fits like a glove really does apply to this product!" 100% Seal of Approval.
"As well as featuring protective details like a reinforced underside, integrated cooling components and a perforated top panel, the design also includes aesthetically pleasing elements like luxury stitching and 60s-inspired colorways. The stylish motorcycle gloves can easily be used off of a bike, without looking like a rider has come straight from the track"